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Realvox is a company founded in 2004 by professionals well-known in the sector of new technologies and advanced telephony for large companies. Our first steps began with the introduction of solutions created especially to meet our customers' needs (large accounts and administration). In 2006, after successfully introducing its solutions in Spain and different South American countries, it started to plan the new range: VoxalisTM, focussed especially on the creation of a joint hardware, software and services solution. As a result, VoxalisTM is today the solution with the best price/quality relationship on the market, and the greatest quantity of services available.

Currently, almost a million calls per month are processed using VoxalisTM technology. There are examples in production with traffic of over 4,000 calls per hour managed from customer service centres. Systems with over 800 lines operating from different international countries...

In addition to the VoxalisTM range, our range of solutions includes products that are also developed with our own technology, such as IVRPlus with dynamic call flow support; smart call recorders (and soon for screens); SoftPhone for connections from PCs, CTI,CRM integrations etc.

But none of this would be possible without the involvement of a team of professionals whose only mission is to provide your company with the best tools. Our consultancy, planning, design, and especially our maintenance services are the real key to our success. From preventive remote actions to redundant backups, in addition to system extensions that are coherent with the needs of the moment…and all of this while always thinking about your future and your service needs.


What can Realvox offer you?

Development and implementation of Advanced Telephony solutions: Call Center and Contact centers, VoIP, CTI, IVR, ACD, etc.
ACD exchanges with massive capacities and VoIP support.
Integration with old equipment, as well as with corporate information in real time. Statistics that are personalised by users and/or departments.
IVR integrated with your current management system (CRM).
Secure and redundant remote services (monitoring). Outsourcing of staff and/or technology (hardware and software).

In short, Realvox can implement the most advanced technology that your company needs at all levels.

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