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Realvox offers its consultancy services for those companies that decide to use all our knowledge to evaluate, design and develop new improvement opportunities. Our services include personalised development, project management, hardware implementation, business processes, or a combination of all of these.

Our commitment to quality offers:

Resources available throughout the project
Comprehensive knowledge derived from extensive experience
A new external point of view




Our technical team has the capacity to give solutions to the problems of large companies in different sectors: banking, insurance, consumer, etc. As well as offering alternatives according to the level of requirements of the SMEs. The maintenance, quality and support are offered at the highest levels of excellence.

Our personalised projects encompass:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
From 3 lines up to over 2000 with high availability requirements
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
Voice and data integration at the moment the call comes in.
Integration (PBX, ACD)
Predictive-Dialling, Progressive and Preview Dialling. Connection with the company's internal systems: CRM, transactional host, directories...



In Realvox we are aware that the true value that we can provide is our Customer Service. That is why each call is given immediate and personalised attention. To do this we have a support department capable of resolving all your doubts, incidents or improvements in the least time possible.

Thanks to this service, it will not be necessary to take expensive courses, obtain special certification, or have specially trained staff, as the programming, the basic maintenance and the advanced support is carried out directly by Realvox from its control centre. No intermediaries or mediators.

For even greater control all our exchanges are equipped with a preventive monitoring programme, which has a double objective: on the one hand, to carry out regular internal performance analyses and to send them to the support centre and/or technology department; and secondly, in the event of finding unexpected anomalies, to call the support service immediately and automatically.

Even in the most serious cases (if they should arise), it is possible to replace the exchanges fully using the remote backup configurations. And without waiting times. Immediately.

The quality of our support (in presence or remote) offers the greatest peace of mind.

International Support
Aware of the importance of international communications, our support centre is being expanded to allow us to offer in-situ support and maintenance services outside Spain as well. Specifically, our forthcoming facilities in Argentina and Brazil will give support to the whole Latin American market.

In any case, all our customers, regardless of their geographic location, can benefit from our excellent service.

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