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The VoxalisTM range serves to crown the segment of VoIP telephone exchanges for SMEs. Available in several default configurations, it includes native support for:

  • VoIP (Internal and external links via internet)
  • Interconnection of remote offices (branches)
  • Analogue, digital lines (ISDN, BRI), GSM
  • Easy configuration (based on web)
  • Remote telemaintenance (directly with the manufacturer)
The most basic features are:
Group Conference Rooms
Personal/group Voice Mail
Call recording
Detailed statistics
Call register
Music on-hold
Call waiting
Call transfer
Call pick-up
Smart routing
Based on SIP standard
Remote backup configuration
Remote extensions
Priority queues (ACD)
Schedule actions
Caller ID (identification)
Voice Mail by email
Diverts (if busy,...)
Caller ID block
Call queues
Different ring tones
Caller ID
Music on-hold



The higher range VoxalisTM Pro is the ideal complement to stand out from the rest regarding customer service. Available in a high availability configuration and with no limit of functionalities.

Some of the advanced features:
IVR: Interactive Voice Response, management of automated calls with interactive menus.
CTI: Integration with all types of external applications.
LCR: Least Cost Routing, call routing through the best provider.
Management Interface: Remote exchange management and control.
Virtual audio conference rooms: The possibility of meeting telephonically only by dialling an extension number.
Traffic control: Control the traffic of an extension or the number of times it speaks with an external number.
Recordings: Management and control of call recordings.
Multi-site operation: the customer can have extensions outside their office and interconnect the devices of their different work centres.




The best permanent customer service 24/7. Powerful, modular, scalable and easily integrated with the rest of your company's services and applications. The interactive voice response system allows you to offer services in real time, without the need for large investments.

Inbound and outbound calls.
Integration with external data sources. HOST, JDBC, XML...
Advanced routing: Caller number, called number, external data...
Integrated selective recording. An external recorder is not required to store the conversations.
Voice mail integrated with emails.
Real time management and monitoring. The changes are shown immediately; it is not necessary to restart the system.
Data exploitation and advanced statistics.
Personalisation to meet requirements. Complete turnkey solutions.
Technical specifications
120 channels (4 PRI) per node.
120 VoIP channels with compression per node.
Total scalability: Unlimited nodes per system.
Option of critical redundancy and/or load balancing.
Capacity for integration with any PBX or ACD.
Autonomous operation without PBX/ACD. Can dialogue directly with the public network. It is only necessary to integrate with PBX/ACD to pass calls to agents.



An essential tool for your users that work from inside or outside the work centre. The Softphone VoxalisTM allows you to be integrated into any SIP environment (PBX, ITSP, etc).

It is integrated in series in the VoxalisTM exchanges and allows the replacement of basic functionalities of any desk telephone. However, one of its best characteristics is undoubtedly that it can be completely personalised.



This is a complementary tool of Softphone VoxalisTM that allows you to have call notifications, presence control, a list and availability of the rest of the users, secure instant messaging, supervisor controls, opening of documents (or start of programmes) with identification of inbound call, (CRMs, Intranets, etc.).



vox_outl.gif, 0 kB
outl.jpg, 23 kB With Voxalis Outlook Fusion you can send and receive telephone calls directly within Microsoft Outlook (versions 2000~2007). No additional components (like Java or .Net) are required to use the plugin. The caller name is identified looking into contacts folder (and sub-folders); you can make calls from email senders; it is very easy to use and secure since it preserves the Outlook data (no external access is available); fully customizable, can be integrated with Voxalis iCenter for a complete management of all communications from the desktop.



vox_outl.gif, 0 kB
mon00.jpg, 20 kB Using a graphical representation of the whole system, the administrator can easily monitor real-time parameters like CPU use, available memory, disk occupation, active lines, users on the phone, network bandwidth, etc. The software supports up to 16 CPU cores, 480 lines (or 16 PRI), and 400 concurrent users.

Actually, the monitor is delivered with the Voxalis IP PBX series, but it will be available for Asterisk and other open platforms in the near future. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux operating systems. Additionally it can be configured to check additional data like transactional operations, call center statistics, external hardware or VoIP resources...


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