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Softphone v2
The new iCenter Softphone is ready to use. It has been designed to be very easy to use for every kind of user. It is fully SIP compliant including STUN, TURN, ICE, DTMF, etc. This new version has a Quick Dial access buttons, is integrated with Realvox Outlook Fusion and the Central Registry (bookmarks of names and phones). You can record calls in real-time (.wav format); transfer calls by dragging only your mouse; using two active lines at the same time... And all the aspects are fully customizable (for OEM versions).


A new milestone in IVR Plus
Our powerful IVR system has reached a new record: more than 6 million calls per month. The platform (which has 480 lines in high availability) is still scalable and continues growing towards the new target (10 million calls per month).



Conference Server
New Multiconference system manager. Up to 480 active lines per box. Admin and Managers can create system access PINs and advanced reports. Like all our products, it is extremely easy to use and install.






New Voxalis Monitor
Monitoring tool for the Voxalis IP-PBX series. Using a graphical representation of the whole system, the administrator can monitor real-time parameters like CPU, memory, disk, lines, users.
This monitor supports up to 16 CPU cores, 480 lines (or 16 PRI), and 400 concurrent users.


Voxalis Outlook Fusion
The new version 1.5 of the plugin for the Microsoft Outlook has been launched. Available for all versions of Microsoft Outlook (from 2000 to 2007), can send and receive telephone calls from emails and contacts.

It integrates transparently with the VoxalisTM iCenter module, used for managing all the communications from the desktop to the IP-PBX.


[One] Two million calls per month
During the month of May we have passed the barrier of [one] two million telephone calls processed [in just one month] with the VoxalisTM technology.

This is a new demonstration of the reliability and scalability of Realvox products, and especially the VoxalisTM range.


IVRPlus: IVR de alta capacidad
Another installation of the IVRPlusTM series that exceeds 500 channels. Specifically, it is a solution with 16 primary and 8 backup servers. It uses the internal access to the central corporate host to offer precise responses of company data in real time. It is also possible to use high availability (redundancy) both of devices and of lines.


IVR PlusTM Presentation
Presentation in the market of the new IVR series especially designed to be scalable and redundant. It has professional features and the possibility of being completely adapted to meet your needs. Installed in record time, it allows integrations with other exchanges that have already been installed (or with the Voxalis range), the possibility of operating autonomously (without an exchange), selective recording, administration and real time monitoring...



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